UCC’s ACIA Awards Here Again #Acia2016

UCC’s ACIA Awards Here Again #Acia2016




2016 ACIA Awards, May 20th, 2015 – Venue: Kampala, Uganda

The ACIA Awards is an annual initiative that fosters innovation through the recognition and reward of outstanding ICT innovations. ACIA provides a platform upon which outstanding ICT innovations can be showcased and propelled to further success.

The initiative was established in 2010 by the Uganda Communications Commission and since its establishment, various innovations have been recognised and awarded in different ways.

Tomorrow the 20th of May 2016 will mark the 6th round of the Acia awards.

We are yet to see the best innovations of 2016 that have made it to the Awards.


The selection criteria
Individuals had to submit there entry online and where subjected to a basic compliance check to ensure that they conform to the rules of the awards.

Entries that passed the selection stage were then assessed using the criteria below and winners in the various categories were then chosen by a panel of judges.

Creativity and originality – What is the new idea? Is the entry an improvement of an existing product, service or process?Significance, effectiveness and impact – What is the importance of the innovation? To what degree does it provide a solution to the problem it was intended to solve?Sustainability and feasibility,–How does the innovation optimally exploit the resources utilized in the production and consumption processes? What is its potential for successful implementation in the desired context/environment?Scalability or transferability– The degree to which the entry can serve as a model or to which its components, concepts, principles, or insights could be transferable to other initiatives Spark – Does the entry generate collective excitement for its originality, execution and potential benefits?

However the Judges utilised other supplementary and publically available information to inform their decision.

Shortlisted applicants were called upon to physically defend their applications before the panel of judges during the evaluation process. These have been given an  opportunity to showcase their innovations at an exhibition prior to the Award Gala at the Serena parking lot.

Let’s be there as we witness the next big ICT Innovation in Uganda.


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